We Knew It: Cool Kids In School End Up Being Losers In Later Life, According To Study

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  • Geeks FTW

    Remember the cool kids at school? The ones with perfect hair, who all the boys fancied, and who seemed to breeze through life while you tripped down the stairs and constantly embarrassed yourself? Well, according to a new study, it’s time for the geeks to get their revenge, because the cool kids have it tough the minute school ends.

    The study, called What Happened To The Cool Kids, was carried out by researchers from the University of Virginia and published in the journal Child Development.

    Researchers examined 180 American teenagers from the age of 13 till 23, finding that those who acted cool and were popular during their teens were more at risk of being involved in crime and developing problems such as drug and alcohol abuse.

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    ‘It appears that while so-called cool teens’ behaviour might have been linked to early popularity, over time, these teens needed more and more extreme behaviours to try to appear cool, at least to a sub-group of other teens,’ said Professor Joseph Allen, professor of psychology at the university.

    ‘So they became involved in more serious criminal behaviour and alcohol and drug use as adolescence progressed. These previously cool teens appeared less competent – socially and otherwise – than their less cool peers by the time they reached young adulthood.’

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    Well, if very scientific evidence such as Mean Girls is to be believed, we can definitely see Janis being more successful at life than Regina George.

    Hear that, kids? Don’t try and be cool – it’ll pay off in the long run.

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