PICTURES: A New Coffee Table Book Celebrates Celebrity Airport Style

We'd better rethink our usual plane outfits...

Airport Style Coffee Table Book
Airport Style Coffee Table Book
(Image credit: DENNIS STONE / Rex Features)

We'd better rethink our usual plane outfits...

Nothing makes our homes look more chic and Pinterest-worthy than a gorgeous coffee table book, and this latest offering is right up our street.

Heathrow has teamed up with model Yasmin Le Bon to create A Journey In Style, a celebration of the most stylish travellers, outfits and luggage to stroll through the airport in the last few decades.

The collection of 160 archive photographs includes eye-catching imagery of The Beatles, The Queen and Mick Jagger, as well as imagery of Jackie O, Kate Moss and Marilyn Monroe.

With a foreword by Yasmin, and a glorious black and white photo of Twiggy as she waits to board a flight on the cover, this book is definitely welcome on our coffee tables this winter. Hint hint, Santa.

Yasmin said: 'There’s something fabulously glamorous about flying that has always fascinated me and to this day I still get excited about travelling. From the starlets of the 50s stepping onto the runway in their oversized sunglasses and trollies stacked with monogrammed luggage, to today’s style icons, air travel has always been packed with stylish possibility. 'The book includes stunning archive images from some of the world’s most renowned photographers, including Dennis Stone, Heathrow’s resident photographer since 1946 – and there’s even one or two of myself in there! It’s been hugely enjoyable working with the team to celebrate the unique relationship between style and flying and to see the book come together. I’ll definitely be keeping a copy on my coffee table.'

Best of all, the proceeds from the book will all be going to charity, so this is guilt-free chic at its finest.

Scroll through the photos above to see some of the images in the book...

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