This Donald Trump/Mean Girls Video is probably the best thing you'll see all day

On Wednesdays we wear sexist, racist views!

Donald Trump Mean Girls L
Donald Trump Mean Girls L

On Wednesdays we wear sexist, racist views!

Although it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump is the Regina George of the Presidential election, he’s a dead ringer for Cady Heron in this hilarious Mean Girls parody video, which has taken the internet by storm this week.

Somebody with waaay too much time on their hands has super-imposed Trump’s head onto Lindsay Lohan’s (but we're so glad they have) and has him repeat some of his most tedious quotes to The Plastics, who are obviously having none of it.

Trump’s repeatedly told to ‘shut up’ by Regina, given the fist by Janis in the school assembly and made to look like the ego-maniac he really is when pressed as to whether or not he thinks he’s ‘really pretty’ (Ew.)

(This is Trump's reaction when asked if he thinks he's really pretty. FYI)

The Presidential candidate's face looks pretty funny when it's placed on-stage for the Jingle Bell Rock scene, and - let's face it - who isn't wishing the part when he falls head-first into a bin could become a beautiful reality.

Let's revisit 24 Of The Most Outrageous Donald Trump Quotes, too.

And the more we think about it, the more we realise the tyrannical, blonde ego-maniac has a lot in common with Regina George - we only wish they were *both* fictional.

Watch the video below:

Also ’whatever I’m getting cheese fries’ should be the universal response to everything Trump says from here onwards, no?

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