REVIEW: Twilight Eclipse

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  • You’ve seen the pictures, and heard all the hype, but what’s Eclipse really like? Read our review here

    So you’ve seen the pictures, and heard all the hype. But what’s Twilight Eclipse really like?

    Marie Claire’s honest verdict? Five gold stars. It’s darker, scarier and altogether more intense than the first two films, but we think this makes it a serious candidate for being the best so far.

    Yes, it’s packed with action, danger, and some seriously steamy kissing scenes, but the emotions are oh-so-real. There are even more of the Saga’s signature tense moments than ever before, and enough fight action to keep even the toughest boyfriend on the edge of his seat.

    With a soundtrack from Muse, The Bravery and the aptly named Vampire Weekend, the music is amazing, and Eclipse is, in parts genuinely funny (the moment a seriously bulked up Taylor Lautner uttered the words: ‘but I’m hotter than you’ in a confrontation with Edward garnered real laughs from the audience).

    So, down to the film.

    After the end of New Moon, Edward’s back on the scene, and poor old Bella’s locked in a love triangle with the celebrated Cullen and werewolf BFF Jacob Black.

    She’s heading for graduation, the date for her vampire transformation is set, and she’s managed to convince Edward to change her himself, after grudgingly accepting his marriage proposal, and seriously large sparkler.

    As director David Slade said yesterday, he ‘didn’t want Edward to come across as a prude’, so him and Bella do get to spend a night in the Cullen house all on their lonesome. (That’s all we’re saying!)

    In the midst of all this, Victoria’s back on the scene (this time, played brilliantly by newcomer Bryce Dallas Howard) and together with specially created sidekick, Riley, has been creating an army of newborn vampires for the sole purpose of destroying Bella and the Cullens. Eeek!

    This is where the (seriously muscley) wolves make their entrance. The vampires accept an offer of help from the ever-growing pack – in the middle of their graduation party, no less! – and embark on some extremely impressive, how-to-fight-a-vampire training sessions.

    Of course Bella convinces Edward to stay away from the action, so while the newborns wage war in a clearing below, the pair of them – plus Jacob – camp out on a cliff. Jake finds out Bella and Edward are engaged, and they also share their first kiss. Keeping up?!

    But in Vampire land nothing ever goes to plan, and needless to say, Victoria arrives on the scene and it turns into a tooth and nail fight (think trees being ripped down and boulders being thrown!) with Edward fearlessly fighting to protect his loved one.

    Packed with some seriously smouldering looks and plenty of action, you’ll be thoroughly exhausted after watching this one. But trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

    Eclipse hits screens on July 9.



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