7 life lessons we learned from The O.C

Welcome to the O.C, bitch.

The OC
The OC

Welcome to the O.C, bitch.

Remember The O.C? Sure you do. Who can forget Ryan and Marissa's deeply irritating love story, Summer and Seth's actually amazing love story, and the true unfairness that people who had Sky got to watch it on Thursday and people who didn't had to wait until Sunday.

After the style lessons from Marissa Cooper, let's take a look at - for better or worse (and looking back it might be more of that last) - what The O.C taught us a whole lot about life...

If in doubt, punch first and ask questions later.

Obviously the boys you dated paled into comparison to Ryan - which might have had something to do with the fact he was played by 24 year-old Benjamin Mackenzie. Chippy and full of fight, Ryan actually would have been the most annoying boyfriend, ever.


Wherever Chino was, it was scary. If you got into a fight you just had to say 'I'm from Chino' and everyone ran away from you.


Being a Cohen was the best thing ever. All you really wanted was to get adopted by Sandy and Kirsten. The witty banter, the constant stream of bagels, the incredible house which inexplicably, despite being huge, only had two bedrooms. The Cohens were the actual dream and let's face it, your parents seemed pretty rubbish by comparison.


Christmukkah is the greatest holiday of all time. Chrismukkah became an actual thing. Genuinely. Kids of Christian/Jewish families legitimately started celebrating it. You could even buy a Chrismukkah album of The O.C.'s favourite festive hits.


Parents have sex In retrospect, Kristen and Sandy were totally #marriagegoals, but at the time? Old people having sex. And if Seth and Ryan's parents were having sex, there was a chance that yours might be, too. Gross. Really, really gross.


Comic books are called graphic novels You can make someone a hand crafted comic book, starring them as the hero and yet the girl who dresses up as Wonder Woman (complete with whip) will probably still end up getting the guy. Sigh.


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