Step This Way For The Best Taylor Swift Parodies Of All Time

Don’t get us wrong, we love Taylor but we can’t deny that these videos of have got us stifling our giggles in the office.

taylor swift 1989 tour
taylor swift 1989 tour

Don’t get us wrong, we love Taylor but we can’t deny that these videos of have got us stifling our giggles in the office.

1. If Taylor and her squad ruled the world...

Have you ever wondered what a post-apocalyptic world would look like if it was ruled by Taylor Swift and her squad? So have we (like, all the time) and now you can see what the comedic geniuses at SNL think would happen too.

Fingers crossed we’d be recipients of an American Flag Towel…

2. Goats sing I Knew You Were Trouble

Don’t question it, just trust us that this parody is one of the best out there.

3. Scream Queens Chanel-O-Ween

Remember when Taylor proved to be the most generous and nicest celebrity of all time by sending her fans Christmas presents in 2014? The adorable Swiftmas video went viral in 2014 and now, Scream Queens, the new show due to premiere soon has taken a cue from this video by posting their own. Chanel Oberlin (who is played by Emma Roberts) has parodied Swiftmas with Chanel-O-Ween where she sends her fans razor apples, severed heads and boxes of blood in time for the eerie celebration. How quaint.

4. Have you got Taylor Swift onset Vertigo?

Do you remember the exact moment you fell in love with Taylor? Did you experience dizziness and nausea? No? Well these guys did and thankfully SNL are around to diagnose Swiftamine for those experiencing Taylor Swift onset vertigo. Girl can certainly write a song.

5. Greg James #HateBeing22

It may help that we kind of fancy Greg (don’t judge), but we’re still in love with his self-depricating parody of Swifty’s song, 22, #HateBeing22. Capturing the social awkwardness of almost everyones early-twenties, Greg’s take on the song laments being ‘sad and skint, confused and lonely’ all at the same time.

BTW, we still haven’t figured out what tax is…

6. What’s Up Moms Blank Space parody

All the tired mums out there put their hands up (and then watch this Taylor Swift parody which was made especially for you)!

One of the cleverest parodies, vlogger Lisbug took the mean tweets that she receives and made them into a parody video using Taylor’s Shake it Off. Lisbug, you’re our bae too.

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