Sadie Frost’s new toyboy

Sadie Frost steps out with 23-year-old son of Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright

We know Sadie Frost likes toyboys, but her new man is young by even her standards.

The former wife of Jude Law has been spotted out with 23-year-old Tom Wright – son of Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright.

‘Sadie and Tom have known each other for a while through Sadie’s ex Kristian Marr,’ a friend tells the Daily Mail.

‘Tom has been staying on and off at Sadie’s Primrose Hill home because he moved out of the flat his dad bought him after they fell out.’

However, friends of Sadie, 42, are warning her not to get too close to Wright, who’s said to be a London party boy whose antics make even Sadie’s Primose Rose set look tame.

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