Russian girl in love with Ronnie

Ronnie Wood's Russian mistress admits: 'I love him'

Marie Claire News: Ronnie Wood
Marie Claire News: Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood's Russian mistress admits: 'I love him'

The Russian girl Ronnie Wood ran away with for two weeks, Ekaterina Ivanova, has revealed: 'I love him'.

Ekaterina has been staying with a friend in Kentish Town since she returned from Ireland where she spent two weeks holed up with the Rolling Stone at his retreat in Co. Kildaire.

And, last night, she told the Sun that she hoped to work things out with Ronnie after his stint in rehab. She said: 'I will never betray him. As long as there is a chance of happiness for me and Ronnie I have nothing to say.'

She did, however, go on to tell reporters: 'I need to speak to Ronnie. My life’s been turned upside down by all this.

'My mum’s health has suffered and I just want all of this to go away. I love him and I’m standing by him.'

Ronnie returned home from his two weeks away after his bandmates urged him to – and wife Jo threatened to end the 23-year marriage.

One source said: 'It was the shock that knocked some sense into Ronnie.

'This relationship was based on nothing but vodka. Once his hangover has gone he’ll realise that.'

Ronnie’s wife was staying with family last night. His agent declined to comment.

Meanwhile, The Sun also reports that Ronnie has enjoyed a date with a student he met at London's Royal Academy of Art, 26-year-old Caroline Gorick.

The paper revealed he bought one of her paintings for £5,000 then spent an evening with her after inviting her for dinner.

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