Russell Brand once snogged Meghan Markle and doesn't really remember it

He'll never forget her now.

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He'll never forget her now.

While most people may know Meghan Markle from Suits, she’s had a string of Hollywood films and shows that may have slipped under your radar. There was her acting gig in Horrible Bosses, a tiny stint on 90210, that film Remember Me alongside Robert Pattinson and it’s safe to say she’s racked up a pretty eclectic IMDB page. One of those films was Get Him To The Greek and - well - Russell Brand’s been telling tales about their onscreen snog.

Yes, you read that right. Onscreen. Snog.

While on Loose Women, he was grilled by host Andrea McLean about his fleeting professional relationship with the royal-to-be with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding coming up on Saturday.

She said, ‘Is it true that you snogged Meghan Markle?’

He said, ‘As a matter of fact it is. But let me say before you get carried away with’s because she was in a film I was in.’

If you need a little refresher, Get Him To The Greek was a 2010 film starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Russell played an ‘out-of-control British rockstar’ who’s assigned a record label intern (Hill) to make sure he behaves. While unfortunately Meghan didn’t play a major role and went largely uncredited as a woman named Tatiana, Russell’s character does wind up making out with her.

He said, ‘Meghan Markle - didn’t know her at the time because she weren’t married to a royal person, so I weren’t paying attention. Well I think in it (I don’t remember the film that much because I was still out of it) but I think I planted one on her in a scene. I think it was - but that was scripted in the scene.’

Many have been speculating that you can actually see that kiss in the trailer, however it doesn’t look 100% like her to us. Also, we don’t particularly want to go through the pain of watching Get Him To The Greek in its entirety to find out where she is.

He later joked about how somebody might object to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, on the grounds that he’d locked lips with her before.

He said, ‘’If anyone has any reason-’ Yeah! Russell Brand snogged her in a film...never mind her bloody dad selling photos.’

Despite the laughs, Russell was actually on the show for quite a serious and meaningful reason. It’s currently Mental Health Awareness week and he spoke to the hosts candidly about his battles with addiction, as well as how he’s managed to stay sober with the help of a support group.

He said, ‘If you think about it it, [having an addictive personality] needn’t necessarily be a negative thing because at the beginning it’s a drive, a yearning, it’s a longing. And these things aren’t necessarily negative if you can correct it, because drugs didn’t for me, food didn’t work for me, sex didn’t work for me, fame didn’t work for me - those things don’t actually work. But if you’re able to use that drive and energy purposefully you can do things that are beneficial. And it’s often quite simple things: like helping other people.’

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