Here's why Queen Elizabeth can let her guard down with Prince Harry

This duo are ultimate goals

queen prince harry

This duo are ultimate goals

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

The Queen has forged a 'very special' bond with her grandson Prince Harry, who is expecting his first child with wife Meghan Markle this month.

The duo get on so well in fact that the British monarch - who recently celebrated her 93rd birthday - feels comfortable enough to 'let her guard down' around Prince Charles' son.

Charles' former butler, Grant Harrold, spoke out about the grandparent's relationship with her relative on Quest Red's new royal documentary.

'I think in public we can see that the Queen does let her guard down a bit with Prince Harry,' Harrold explained. 'There’s a very special relationship.'

Grant believes the duo are relaxed around one another because Harry, 34, reminds her of her husband Prince Philip, with his cheeky 'glint' in his eye.

(Image credit: Rex)

He added: 'Sometimes, I wonder if maybe he reminds the Queen a little bit of Prince Philip.

'You know, with that wonderful, let’s say, the kind of glint in his eye.'

It is this cheeky side to Harry that has proved they are like any other doting grandparent and grandchild, as the Duke of Sussex was never afraid to play pranks on the Queen when he was younger.

Royal reporter, Katie Nicholl, previously revealed the father-to-be often pranked his grandmother.

In her 2010 biography, titled Harry and William, Katie wrote: 'Harry had always been the more troublesome of the two princes and even [the Queen] had been on the receiving end of his pranks.

We often see the pair stealing a secret conversation at royal encounters too - and we couldn't love them more!

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