Queen Elizabeth’s favourite song could not be more appropriate

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  • No, it's not God save the Queen

    Over the years we’ve learnt a lot about her royal highness Queen Elizabeth.

    We recently learnt about some of the weird and the wonderful privileges that come from being Queen Elizabeth. Did you know that the Queen actually pays someone to break in her shoes for her? Seriously. And as if that didn’t make her new found footwear comfortable enough her majesty also wears socks that cost  up to whooping £95 a pair. Not that money is an issue, we guess.

    However, if you still find yourself needing more proof that Queen Liz is cool AF then wait until you hear what her favourite song is and why.

    According to a friend of radio DJ Chris Evans, Queen Elizabeth is a big fan of ABBA’s Dancing Queen – and TBH we couldn’t think of a more appropriate song.

    It is thought that Queen Elizabeth hosted a dinner at Windsor Castle and when the popular ABBA hit came on, her majesty is rumoured to have said: ‘I always try to dance when this song comes on, because I am the Queen, and I like to dance.’

    There you have it, Queen Liz is the true dancing Queen.

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