Princess Margaret may actually be responsible for our star sign readings

Well, no one saw that coming!

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Well, no one saw that coming!

With The Crown season three back on our screens as of this past year, it's safe to say that right now is all about Princess Margaret, with Helena Bonham Carter stepping into Vanessa Kirby's shoes.

Yes, from Margaret's infamous meeting with US President Lyndon B. Johnson to that iconic photograph of the princess in a bubble bath wearing a tiara, the world has not been able to stop talking about the Royal.

This week, it was Princess Margaret’s link to astrology that got the world talking, as it emerged that she might be responsible for our star signs.

Confused? We’ll talk you through it.

The Washington Post reported that Princess Margaret accidentally kickstarted astrology as we know it today.

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Apparently, astrologer R.H. Naylor wrote a column in the Sunday Express after Princess Margaret’s birth, entitled: ‘What the Stars Foretell for the New Princess’.

His predictions reportedly came true, turning him into a famed astrologer and leading everyone to want to know what the stars had in store for them.

Fast-forward to today, and a lot of us read into our star signs and what they predict for our love life, work and friendships more than we would care to admit.

Well, that’s that. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to check Co-Star.

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