Princess Diana’s engagement caused controversy at the time

Meghan Markle might have caused a bit of controversy when she changed her engagement ring, but she was by no means the first royal to do so. In fact, when Princess Diana raised a few eyebrows herself when she got engaged to Prince Charles.

At the time, he popped the question sans ring, and let her choose from a selection of rings by Garrard, the royal jeweller.

Diana picked what is now Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, a gorgeous sapphire surrounded by diamonds, set on a white gold band.

The reason this was a bit controversial at the time, within the royal family at least, was that it was custom to either propose with an heirloom or a totally bespoke ring.

princess diana ring

The Princess actually picked the ring from a catalogue, so it was by no means unique, and in fact anyone else could go and order the exact same ring – if they had the cash of course.

Others also criticised it for its size, implying Diana was after a flashy ring unfit of the royal family.

Regardless if this, Princess Diana loved the ring, and carried on wearing it even after she separated from Prince Charles.

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