Prince William & Kate Middleton to live in Kensington Palace

The newlyweds will be moving into their new home later this month.

Kate Middleton Prince William
Kate Middleton Prince William
(Image credit: Rex Features)

The newlyweds will be moving into their new home later this month.

Prince William and Kate Middletonare finally leaving Clarence House and Prince Harry behind, moving out of the residence they have been sharing with the third-in-line to the throne later this month.

The royal pair already rent a farmhouse on the island of Anglesey in Wales while the Prince is working with his RAF squadron, but stay at a Clarence House apartment when they are in London.


Now they are set to move into a starter home inside Kensington Palace - a modest apartment, which has recently been renovated. The space hasn’t been lived in by any other member of the royal family in living memory,iIn fact, the apartment was previously deemed inhospitable due to poisonous asbestos when the builders first started work on the remodel.

It’s a sentimental spot for William, who lived in the Palace with his mother Diana and brother Harry following his parents' divorce.

The Palace already accommodates an array of royals, including the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, the Duke and Duchess of Kent and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent scored the Palace's best pad - with five bedrooms and five reception rooms - and a whopping £120,000 yearly rent.

But as William is second-in-line to the throne, he luckily doesn’t have to spend his RAF wages on rent, as the Queen pays for his accomodation out of a yearly government fund for the upkeep of royal properties.

Let's hope Prince Harry isn't organising the house warming!



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