Video: Pixie Lott On Hangovers, Skipping The Gym And Her Dream Wedding(s)

Go behind the scenes with Pixie Lott on her Marie Claire cover shoot.

Go behind the scenes with Pixie Lott on her Marie Claire cover shoot.

Pixie Lott is probably one of the most down-to-earth celebrities we've ever had the pleasure of working with at Marie Claire.

Our February cover star is genuine, passioniate, generous (she even picked up the tab after her interview with our entertainment editor, Martha Hayes) and just like us. For starters, she avoids the gym. 'Sometimes it affects my voice,' she said. 'That's what my vocal coach told me! It can put a strain on your vocal chords, so I was like, "I'm not going to the gym and I'm using that as a good excuse."'

She also loves to party, though unfairly doesn't suffer from hangovers. 'One of the best things about Strictly was partying after the show,' she said. 'Every Saturday we'd celebrate and have the best time. I do think you need that release. I'll have champagne and cocktails; gin or vodka, or sambuca.'

The 23-year-old lives with her model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire and isn't shy when the subject of her future wedding comes up. 'I love small weddings in a different country, but I like massive ones in England, so maybe I'll have two,' she told us. 'Hopefully two weddings, not two different marriages! But I'm not thinking of getting married yet because I'm still so young.'

Read our full interview with the lovely Pixie Lott in the February issue of Marie Claire, out now.