Peter Doherty admits cheating drugs tests

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  • Singer Peter Doherty admits he used other people's urine to pass drug tests

    Singer Peter Doherty – he now asks to be known by his full name – has admitted he used other people’s urine to pass drug tests.

    The Babyshambles frontman says he used to take samples from ‘clean‘ friends to probation meetings in 2007 to avoid being jailed.

    ‘I was testing negative now and again, probably half the time. But that was only when I could find someone who had clean p*ss for me to take in,’ he reveals in an interview with The Observer Magazine.

    Peter was jailed in April last year for 14 weeks, for missing probation appointments, being late and rudeness to staff.

    The singer also talks intimately about his feelings for his ex Kate Moss. He admits he is still in love with the supermodel.

    ‘If I was to turn round now and say right, my heart’s not been mended, and I still miss her and I’m still in love with her, that’s gonna wreck my chances with some other bird who’s gonna read that and I might blow my chances with her!’ he says.

    Peter also talks about the reasons for his split with Kate.

    ‘She’s quite sussed when it comes to the media. Basically, she just doesn’t talk to them at all. And that’s it. And that’s the way she works. I’m just a dickhead sometimes and say the wrong things,’ he adds.

    ‘But I think she was so paranoid about being screwed over and being made to look stupid in public because of my actions.’

    A self-portrait in red lipstick by the supermodel, which was daubed with Doherty’s bloodstains, and his writing, which reads ‘Who needs blood when you’ve got lipstick?’, sold last September for £33,600.


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