Paparazzi arrest at Jolie-Pitt home

Paparazzi fight breaks out at Jolie-Pitt home

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at The Independent Spirit Awards
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at The Independent Spirit Awards

Paparazzi fight breaks out at Jolie-Pitt home

Two photographers have been arrested, after trying to snatch the first pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's newborn twins.

In an attempt to snap the coveted first pics of twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, the paparazzi trespassed onto the grounds of the Chateau

Miraval, where the couple and their six children are residing.

The incident was confirmed via a statement, which described, 'The two individuals were in full camouflaged gear and carried high-powered photographic equipment typically used by sophisticated paparazzi. When confronted by security guards on the Chateau Miraval property, the two individuals claimed there were just out on a hike.'

The release goes onto to state that at this point the men became violent, 'Security then attempted to escort the individuals down the hill in order to wait for the local police. The same photographer then became violent, kicked one of the security guards, said he has Hepatitis C and bit another security guard. He then wiped blood from a cut onto the two security

men repeatedly and continued to bite.'

The photographer involved, Luc Goursolas, has spoken out on the altercation, claiming he was acting in self defence, 'I threw myself at them, put blood all over them and told them I had HIV so they would stop hitting me.'

Jolie has not been seen since the birth of her babies two weeks ago. It is rumoured that an exclusive deal is still being finalised for the first pictures of the newborn twins, which could see the photos sell for up to $11 million.

Few details have emerged on the two new additions to the couple's brood, but it is rumoured that Bono has been asked to be godfather.

A source divulged to the Sunday Mirror, 'Brad and Angie think the world of Bono. They have been friends for years. Brad is a massive U2 fan and told Bono how much he admired him when they were introduced at a party a few years back.'


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