Old Kim Kardashian Looks We’re Guessing Kanye Has Thrown Out

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  • Remember all that Noughties bling?

    Kim Kardashian has previously revealed that Kanye threw out a lot of her clothes when they started going out, something she was very good-natured about – referring to her old wardrobe as ‘cheesy.’

    While most of our boyfriends and husbands take a diplomatic approach to our wardrobes – ‘ummm, what do YOU think you look nicest in?’ – Kanye has made no bones about overhauling Kim’s dress sense in the years that they’ve been dating (the pair had their first outing together in the Spring of 2012).

    Recently Kanye went on a bit of a Twitter rant (we know, not like him at all) about the clothes he thinks women ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ wear, to which the general response from the female populace was ‘we’ll wear what we damn well like, thank you very much.’

    But given Kanye is such a stickler on the fashion front, exactly which of Kim’s past looks do we think Kanye ‘Wardrobe Dictator’ West threw out? Here’s a few which were probably on the hit list.*

    (*researching this made us really miss 2007 Kim)

    The boots-jeans-status bag look

    This was back in 2007, the era of the designer ‘It bag’, so Kim completed every outfit with a new piece of arm candy. Of course these days the red carpet fashion has changed, plus Kim’s got an army of assistants to carry anything she might need anyway.

    The short dress and knee highs look

    The second look here – with its grey palette and high neck – feels like a premonition of her future style, after she’d been ‘Kanye West-ed.’ Though it’s possibly a little too short and sparkly for her Mr Fusspants future husband.

    The moonlighting as a bellydancer look

    Can we also point out what an excellent Princess Jasmine Kim makes? If we looked that good in a Jasmine costume we’d do it every single Halloween.

    The floaty empire line dress look

    Like the rest of us Kim went through a painful 2007 ‘lost in boho’ phase.

    And of course… the low-cut bodycon dress look

    Vintage Kim Kardashian was never more than ten minutes away from a low-cut bodycon frock. These days if she’s going skintight she likes to be a little more directional and less ‘Apprentice candidate.’

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