New Amy Winehouse drugs video

Amy Winehouse caught again on camera taking drugs

Marie Claire News: Amy Winehouse
Marie Claire News: Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse caught again on camera taking drugs

Amy Winehouse has been caught on video taking drugs, for the second time this year.

On Sunday, the News of the World broke the news that they had, yet again, managed to get hold of video footage of the Grammy Award-winner snorting what appears to be cocaine from the top of a CD case in front of a crowd of revellers in The Monarch pub in Camden, London.

The footage can currently be seen on their website.

Georgette Civil, Amy's mother-in-law, told the paper: 'I'm shocked by the video. When I look at Amy I think: "For Christ's sake, just get a grip of yourself."

'Enough is enough.

'As the police know Amy is a drug addict - and she has now been caught twice on film taking illegal drugs - they should arrest her and put her behind bars.

'Rehab clinics are a waste of money, unless you want them to work.

'Amy doesn’t want to give up drugs, so she’s got to learn the hard way in prison.

'Police have to act. She is making a mockery of the law. It has got to stop.

'The price Amy has got to pay is losing her freedom.'

Insisting prison has helped her son, Blake, kick drugs, Georgette goes on: 'It worked a miracle… Prison worked for Blake. It’s the only thing that can now save Amy.

'But he will be very disappointed with Amy's behaviour.

'The video will come as a bitter blow to him.'


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