Naomi Campbell on Ugly Betty

SEE PICS: Naomi Campbell dons hotpants for Ugly Betty

Naomi Campbell donned vertiginous wedge trainers, super-short hotpants and bright red tights for her guest-appearance on an upcoming episode of Ugly Betty.

The fiery star took part in a softball game, which saw Mode magazine competing against the Elle team, which was completely made up of models.


In one scene, Naomi hits a ball high into the air and causes Ugly Betty to crash into her team mates as she scrambles to catch it.

But the biggest battle on the field wasn’t about the game – rather, it was all about who looked the hottest, of course.

Reports say that Naomi, well known for her irascible temperament, was nothing but well-behaved and professional – even digging into a big lunch and joking around with cast members.

In fact, Naomi was even happy to play up to her reputation for mobile phone-throwing, and try to strike fear into her opponents as she posed in a mock-theratening manner with her mobile on the field.

Recognise her perilously high trainers? That’s because they’re identical to those worn by Victoria Beckham when she took to the baseball field to throw the first pitch at the LA Dodgers game last year.

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