More Sex and the City 2 spoilers!

More insider secrets fresh from the set of Sex and the City 2!

Sex and the City cast - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
Sex and the City cast - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
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More insider secrets fresh from the set of Sex and the City 2!

Sex and the City 2 SPOILER ALERT! Wardrobe guru Patricia Field has spoken out about that 80s scene, and newcomer Nicholas Rodriguez dishes the dirt on those wedding rumours...

We couldn't get enough of those 80s fashion faux pas shots of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis when they first hit our inbox - with Carrie channelling her inner Madonna, and Samantha looking more than a little Cyndi Lauper.

And now the woman responsible for it all, super-stylist Patricia Field has spilled the beans about the scene.

‘It's in the beginning of the movie,' she says on ‘Carrie was waiting to meet her girlfriends, and she was thinking about when she first moved to New York in the 80s, and how she met Samantha and Charlotte.'

‘They're all in real time, waiting to go shopping. And in flashback time, she is thinking of when she first met each one of them.'

And as for those wedding rumours...

Newcomer Nicolas Rodriguez reportedly plays a character with a pivotal role in the nuptial scenes - but refused to reveal exactly who is walking down the aisle.

‘We shot for two weeks,' he said. ‘It's a ginormous scene with a huge budget, and everybody is pretty much in it... all of the girls and their spouses, Willie and Mario, and another big surprise cameo - Liza Minnelli.'

And it seems that Liza was keeping the cast well entertained on set.

‘After the shoot she said, ‘I would like to have everyone's attention,' and then they pulled out a stool for her at the piano and gave her a mic, and she sang a favourite of her mother, Judy Garland,' explained Nicholas.

‘She said, ‘Thank you for letting me play with you guys.' It was so heartfelt and genuine, I got choked up, and several people were sobbing like a baby.'

Never mind the on set antics! Won't they hurry up and release the film already?!

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