Michael Sheen on Rachel McAdams: 'She's talented, intelligent, beautiful'

Michael Sheen coos over girlfriend Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Michael Sheen Woody Allen
Rachel McAdams Michael Sheen Woody Allen
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Michael Sheen coos over girlfriend Rachel McAdams

Now the cat's out the bag about their budding romance, Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams aren't only happy to be photographed together, they've been well and truly gushing! The 42-year-old British actor has spoken out about his relationship with his Canadian co-star, telling People magazine: 'She’s talented, intelligent, beautiful. She’s warm and friendly. She’s very supportive, and very kind, very funny. She makes me laugh a lot.' Ahh!


The pair had remained fiercely private, until stepping out to promote their new film, the Woody Allen flick Midnight in Paris, at the Cannes Film Festival last week.

‘I don’t think it was planned one way or the other,’ the 32-year-old actress insisted about their loved-up red carpet appearances.

After working alongside each other in the new comedy, the couple have no shortage of compliments for each other’s acting talents either.

Rachel boasts: ‘He’s a fantastic actor. One of the best.’

While her new beau clearly has mutual feelings: ‘She has a real honesty and a real vulnerability about what she does. She has a real emotional presence.’ 

Rachel McAdams Michael Sheen Woody Allen

Rachel McAdams Michael Sheen Woody Allen

It’s not the first time a Woody Allen flick has ignited young love. New parents Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem got together on the set of Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona in 2008.

Although the film maker insists all this match-making isn't intentional.

‘No, I didn’t see it coming,’ the director told People of the Sheen-McAdams romance.

‘I could notice it a little with Penelope and Javier, they were kind of chummy. But I didn’t see it coming here… and they did not ask my permission!’



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