Wait, is Meghan Markle secretly running this Instagram page?

She can't keep away from The Gram...

meghan markle

She can't keep away from The Gram...

Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Meghan Markle sent excitement across social media as she returned to Instagram, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announcing a new professional page for just for the two of them, Sussex Royal.

The couple - who are expecting their first baby together, although they've had us questioning if they've welcomed their little one already - were originally part of the Kensington Royal page but branched out at the start of this month, breaking major records as they racked up almost 5 million followers in days.

But now people are talking about the new account for a different reason.


While most royal pages are run by staff, it is thought that the former Suits actress is actually the one behind the Sussex Royal account, and has apparently even been writing captions for each post.

How do we know? There are a few subtle hints that appear to give the game away.

The Americanisms in the text is a big clue and another is the currency, with the account seeming to opt for the dollar sign over the pound symbol.

In their latest post the pair thank supporters for donating to charities instead of giving gifts as part of their baby shower.

But the text included dollar signs instead of pound signs, as well as words such as 'diapers' instead of nappies, 'cribs', as well as 'backpacks' in replace of 'rucksacks'.

We know Meghan is a fan of social media, and previously had her own Instagram page, as well as her own lifestyle site, The Tig, although all traces of these online platforms have since been deleted, so maybe this is her outlet?

We certainly hope so.

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