Did Lauren Conrad just confirm that The Hills is coming back to TV?

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  • Well, sort of.

    So it’s been ten years, to the day, that The Hills aired for the first time. The show that gave us Speidi, Audrina, Brody, Stephanie and of course Lauren. When the show first aired slogan tees and side fringes were all the rage, and Paris Hilton was Kim Kardashian‘s famous friend. The O.C and Laguna Beach had us hooked on the lives of rich Californian teenagers, and we were instantly addicted to the the outfits, the parties and of course, the drama.

    So who better to reflect on a decade of The Hills than LC herself AKA The Hills Queen Bee Lauren Conrad?

    Writing on her website, Lauren reflected on her time on the show and dropped a massive hint that The Hills could be returning to our screens later this year.

    ‘Ten years ago, The Hills aired on MTV for the first time. (That’s right people, it’s been ten whole years! Can we all feel old together, please?) To celebrate this anniversary I decided to do something I haven’t done in over a decade; I watched the pilot episode of our show. Even though I know how it all ends, it was a little difficult watching my younger self struggle – I was in way over my head! It was odd watching all of us just starting out, with no idea what the future held (although, no one really could have prepared us for what the next few years would bring).

    She continued: ‘Looking back, I am grateful for the incredible opportunity we were given to take part in this show. While it was hard at times to share my personal life (poor make-up choices and all) with the world; the experience taught me so much and forever altered my life and my outlook for the better.’

    Lauren goes on to say that she hasn’t watched any of the other episodes since they first aired, but that she’s glad her late teens and early twenties are captured, writing:

    ‘I am so proud of the show. Without all the amazing people we were lucky enough to have working behind-the-scenes (especially the show’s talented creator and Executive Producer, Adam Divello), it would have been just another easily-forgotten reality show. Instead, they made a show that documented – and at times created – my reality during those years in a unique and beautiful way.’

    ‘As hard as it is to look back (other than watching the pilot, I haven’t watched any episodes since they first aired), it brings me a lot of joy to see that now, despite all the challenges we faced together back then, each of us seems to have found what we were looking for.’

    Lauren finishes the post by announcing the (very exciting) news that she’ll be returning to MTV on 2nd August to have an ‘honest conversation about what it was really like living with cameras for so many years (spoiler alert: it was super weird), sharing some behind-the-scene secrets, and showing some of my life today.’

    LC signs off by encouraging readers to get involved with the project, writing: ‘And since this is all for you, please let me know below if there are any questions you have or if there is anything you would like to see addressed.’

    So there you go. If you’ve still got questions, a decade later, this is your opportunity to get them answered. You never know, maybe we’ll even find out of Heidi really did know what she ‘did’.

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