Kristin Davis: I’m competing with Angelina Jolie

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  • Kristin Davis talks Sex and the City: The Movie, snogging SJP’s husband and battling Angelina Jolie for film roles

    Kristin Davis has admitted screen-life after Sex and the City was no walk in Central Park – especially when she was competing with the likes of Angelina Jolie for a film role.

    The beautiful brunette – who plays prim-and-proper Charlotte in the hit TV series – says her professional life post-Sex and the City was pretty tough-going.

    ‘There are not a lot of comedic films being made,’ she explains. ‘Sometimes you hear people ask, “Why did she choose this?” It’s not necessarily to pay your bills, it’s because you want to work. What are we supposed to do? Sit around? The problem is, every good actress wants every good role. Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie – they all want the same roles I want. The reality is, you want to keep working, and you only have the choices you’re offered.’

    Most recently, the actress starred in Deck the Halls (2006) alongside her SATC co-star Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband, Matthew Broderick. ’I love Matthew,’ she laughs, ‘but it was odd having to kiss him. I didn’t want to do it, but he kept asking, “What’s the problem?”’

    But right now, the actress is excited about the upcoming film version of Sex and the City, which has it’s wacky-but-wonderful stylist, Patricia Field, back on board. Kirstin admits that, before the show, she was lost in a fashion no-man’s land.

    ‘The show was definitely an education in fashion,’ Davis tells the Times. ‘I was an actress/waitress in New York before that, and I loved looking at Vogue, but could never afford designer clothes. Fashion for me was a real learning curve. The first season, I complained bitterly to Pat Field. Everything was so tight. I’d never dressed that way. Pat wanted Charlotte’s look to be sexy secretary. And the only clothes around like that in 1997 were Dolce dresses and skirts. I kept whining, “It’s too tight.” Pat would just say, “You’re wrong, wrong, wrong.”’

    By season two, the show was as well known for its fabulous fashion as its kooky characters, and big fashion houses were banging its doors down to dress the four main characters. But, privately, Charlotte was still unsure. ‘I could so easily get it wrong – and, one year, I did. I was meant to wear a dress to the Golden Globes that I loved – then, 10 days before the event, I got a call saying that Gisele was going to be wearing the same dress on the cover of W. I didn’t know what to do except call Elizabeth (her friend and stylist), who was then a magazine editor, and who happened to be dressing Calista Flockhart, who I went to college with. I’d noticed Calista starting to look amazing. So Elizabeth got me this amazing white Donna Karan dress in time for the Globes.’

    And is her life all cocktails and couture? ‘Unlike Charlotte, you will not see me sipping cocktails with fabulous men in fabulous boîtes, then going home with them. I’m not saying I don’t date. But my life is not Sex and the City – and, if it was, how sad would that be?’

    Sad? We think it would be pretty fab.

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