Inside Salma Hayek’s honeymoon

Where are Salma and her new hubby soaking up the sun in luxury?

Salma Hayek and her new husband Francois-Henri Pinault recently enjoyed a lavish, star-studded wedding in Italy – and are now soaking up the sun on a luxury island off the coast of Africa.

The billionaire couple jetted off to an island off the Eastern coast of Africa for a romantic honeymoon of out-of-this-world luxury proportions.

The actress and her French billionaire businessman husband landed at Mahé airport in the Seychelles on 26 April.

They then chartered a helicopter to North Island, and checked into the exclusive North Island Hotel.

 North Island, Seychelles, Salma Hayek, marie claire

The North Islans truly is the ultimate in luxury. The conservation-oriented retreat consists of just 1 handcrafted villa, complete with  their own personal chef, plunge pool and spa in the most idyllic setting imaginable.

 But this kind of honeymoon doesn’t come cheap – rates start at £10,367 in  the low season.

Salma was hugging Francois and constantly kissing him,’ a witness told Us Weekly.

‘They were so into each other.’

After taking a romantic stroll on the beach, enjoying a three-hour sunbathe, and picking up some seashells, the newlyweds returned to their 4,800-square-foot villa for some luxurious one-on-one time.

North Island, Seychelles, Salma Hayek, marie claire

Oh, how the other half live!


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