Hunky horseman denies affair with Katie Price

Dressage coach in Katie and Peter split denies romance

Katie Price and Peter Andre, celebrity news, marie claire
Katie Price and Peter Andre, celebrity news, marie claire
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Dressage coach in Katie and Peter split denies romance

The dressage coach in the photos that prompted Katie and Peter to separate has given an interview revealing he has never had an affair with the star.

Photos of Katie's boozy night out with her horsey set after the Badminton Horse Trials were printed in the newspapers on Monday, infuriating Peter, who promptly asked for a divorce.

But the hunky man in question, Andrew Gould, 28, insisted last night: 'We've never had a relationship.

'I’m not interested in her at all that way. There’s no reason for Pete to be jealous.'


But Andrew, who is Katie's dressage coach, did admit to denying being at the club – because Katie knew Peter would react badly.

'I did say I wasn’t the guy in the club. I didn’t mind it coming out, but Kate didn’t want Pete to know I was there because of how he reacts.

'The thing is, it is so innocent and it is so ridiculous. I don’t know why he has that problem. But I have to respect Kate’s choice and if she would rather say to him that I wasn’t there that’s fine for me.'

Andrew inisisted that his wife Polly was part of the party that headed to the Sycamore club in Bristol that day. And Polly herself said: 'We're all just friends.'

Gould also admitted he knows Pete is not his biggest fan, but doesn't understand why.

'I don’t know why. I’m married. I’ve got two kids. There has never been any relationship between me and Kate.

'The whole evening finished at about half two. I went to a friend’s house and Katie went back to her hotel.'

It is thought Peter believes Katie puts her horsey set and ambitions before their relationship, with reports suggesting she even denied him sex to save energy for her horse riding.

Meanwhile, Katie – who is thought to have fled to the Maldives – yesterday thanked her fans on Twitter.

She wrote: 'Thank you for all your support. It means so much.'

Andrew said of her reaction to the split: 'Kate’s very upset. She didn’t want to split up. She’s really in love with him.'



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