Emma Watson's reaction to feminism backlash is actually really sad

The actress explains how she managed the negativity following her United Nations talk.

Emma Watson speaking at the U.N.
Emma Watson speaking at the U.N.
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The actress explains how she managed the negativity following her United Nations talk.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde 

Emma Watson has been our badass hero ever since she burst onto the silver screen as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.

She’s earned her star in the Hollywood hall of fame, but over the last few years she has used her platform to discuss everything from feminism to the importance of sustainable fashion (just take a look at her dreamy new Instagram account).

You may remember that back in 2014, Emma made an impassioned speech about gender equality during her first ever United Nations talk. She spoke about her HeForShe campaign that hopes to encourage men, as well as women, to join the fight for equal rights.

Emma’s speech went viral. It was hailed as moving, smart and important, and many flocked to congratulate the actress. One writer even went on to say that Emma's talk changed the way she is raising her sons.

However, the response wasn’t all positivity and praise and Emma has come forward to talk about how the negative attention she got left her feeling so deflated she ‘needed 24 hours to sulk.’

The 26-year-old said that although she has been in the spotlight for so many years and is used to public pressure, the criticism she faced following the speech meant that she struggled to get out of bed for a few days afterwards.

But that hasn’t stopped the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador from fighting for what she believes in.

Emma admitted she doesn't care what horrible names people use to try and diminish the work she's doing, she's going to keep doing it anyway because she's so committed to doing the right thing.

Reason 462 why we love you, Emma.

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