Did you notice this massive Game of Thrones fail?

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  • Bringing a whole new meaning to the Night's Watch

    Game of Thrones fans are a pretty understanding lot. We’re used to accepting the unlikely: army of ice warriors coming to kill everyone? Fine. Tree-woman hybrids? Why not. Romantic twincest? Sure. So it takes something pretty remarkable to get fans complaining.

    This season, the complaints come in the form of Littlefinger wearing what appears to a watch. And not of the Night’s variety.

    People all over Twitter have been outraged by the image, which seems to imply either time travel, or someone in the wardrobe department not doing their job very well (probably taking an extended tea break).

    What’s going on? Does Littlefinger time travel to modern-day Westeros and bring back a Swatch? Or did actor Aiden Gillen expend so much energy trying to keep one accent going for the duration of an episode that he forgot to take his watch off?


    Apparently, the answer is neither. GoT fans who went and rewatched episode four in an attempt to spot the offending item, found that in the actual scene, Lord Baylish isn’t actually wearing anything on his wrist, so it seems pretty likely that, in true Game of Thrones style, we’ve been tricked, and someone just decided to Photoshop a watch onto Littlefinger’s wrist for fun.

    Just goes to show, whether it’s the internet, or Westeros, you just can’t afford to trust anyone.

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