David Attenborough Narrating Adele's 'Hello' Is The Best Thing You'll Hear All Week

Sir, can you narrate our lives please?

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Adele Hello

Sir, can you narrate our lives please?

Ready for your Tuesday morning to get a whole lot better? Sir David Attenborough has decided in his almighty wisdom to narrate the now-ubiquitous video for Adele's Hello - and it's amazing.

Appearing on BBC Radio 1, Sir David was more than happy to oblige the presenter's request for the narration - and hilarity ensues.

Sentences like 'like all pop stars, she needs to hunt to survive' and 'dusty, isn't it' already put a huge smile on our faces - but the best bit of all is when Sir David pokes fun at her flip phone.

'The signal is poor and she hasn't updated her handset since 1999,' he says. 'Hashtag flip phone.'

We have no idea why this makes us so happy, but it really, really does.

The end sees Sir David even growling a friendly 'Hello' over Adele's more melodic one.

See the hilarious clip for yourself below...

We're not sure what Adele will make of this, but as far as Hello memes go, this one has to be up there, and definitely deserves a response on her new Instagram account.

Next up, we want to see Sir David narrating the video for Nicki Minaj's Anaconda. Now that would be something else...

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