Chrissy Teigen reveals the weirdest plastic surgery she's ever had

Gotta love that girl's honesty

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Gotta love that girl's honesty

Chrissy Teigen is social media's bae, fact.

The model, and wife of John Legend, has already spoken out about her post-natal depression, highlighted how wrong mum-shaming is and called for pop culture to have more diversity, on top of all her lol, candid videos. She even lashed out at people calling her and John Legend '#relationshipgoals' as a response to him taking off her necklace - because, rightly so, if your boyfriend isn't the type to take off your necklace for you, why are you with him!?

So, it was no surprise that the internet was alight this weekend after Chrissy Teigen made a comment during a round-table interview with journalists, including the team at Byrdie, that seemed like a literal confession about how much plastic surgery she's had.

During a beauty launch, the model reassured editors that her cheeks are real but she was quoted saying, 'everything about me is fake except my cheeks,' pointing at her forehead, nose and lips. 'Fake, fake, fake,' she laughed.

She went on to say: 'I'm not shy talking about that sort of thing. I have no regrets.'

But, it seems that there was some miscommunication after Chrissy tweeted this:

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But, when she was asked the craziest beauty treatment she's ever signed up to, she replied: 'I had my armpit sucked out.'

Erm, it involves liposuction to remove fat from your armpits and she said, 'it added two inches of length to my arm. Now the fat is back though, so now I've gotta pay for it again!'

Since all the coverage, Chrissy has also said she's had botox in her jaw muscle ('to relieve tension from constantly clicking.'

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