Chrissy Teigen successfully crowd-sourced 6 brown bananas from Twitter

And sent her mum to pick them up

Chrissy Teigen
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And sent her mum to pick them up

Words - Maria Pasquini

From the editors of PEOPLE

Chrissy Teigen loves to make jokes, but she wasn’t joking on Thursday when she asked Twitter to help her find six brown bananas to make banana bread with.

It all started on Sunday when Teigen, 31, tweeted about needing some bananas. 'If I bring 4 perfect bananas to the Thai temple today can I take 4 brown bananas from the mini Buddah house offerings?' she wrote. 'Making banana bread.'

But instead of answering her question, people kept giving Teigen their tricks for how to make bananas ripen faster, and just before 2 pm on Thursday, the cookbook author had had enough. 'Ok this banana thing is getting ridiculous,' she said.

'Don’t tell me your banana browning hacks. Just…if u have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area lmk,' she continued.

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Shortly following her first tweet, Teigen doubled down on her promise, throwing in a couple of added incentives for people to help her out.

'If u have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area, I will send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook, John’s underwear and a Becca palette.

'SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY,' Teigen added. 'Please send me a photo of u holding the bananas, giving the peace sign.'

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And sure enough, the offers started rolling in.

'Ok and @onairjake has 2,' Teigen wrote alongside a photo of somebody holding 3 browned bananas giving the peace sign. 'WE NEED ONE MORE! Or, a single person with 6. This is gonna be a long day.'

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'SO CLOSE,' Teigen commented in reference to somebody who only had five bananas. '[My assistant] might kill me if she has to drive to multiple homes across LA.'

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But then, Teigen got hit with an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Meg Zukin, the same person who only had five bananas, said she’d be willing to meet Teigen’s assistant and proceeded to tell Teigen where she lived, just in case that was helpful. Teigen replied, noting that her assistant (later revealed to be her mom Vilailuck) and this good Samaritan lived close to each other. 'Ok I think 5 will do. Thank you so much she will DM you now!!!' she said.

Meeting up with a stranger has its risks of course, so 'just for safety' Vilailuck requested that Zukin 'taste a small piece of the banana in front of her before making the trade.'

And then Teigen announced that this whole banana ordeal was over. 'The deal has been done,' she wrote alongside a picture of the banana handoff. 'Thank you, @bymeg!!!!'

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Four minutes later, Teigen posted a picture of her mother carrying the bananas and throwing up a peace sign. 'Already home,' Teigen wrote alongside the photo. 'That was…so fast. I will now do all grocery shopping like this.'

And Zukin was thrilled with the results of the trade — though she was unsure what to do with John Legend’s boxer-briefs.

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We may never know whether or not Teigen was serious about crowd-sourcing her bananas from Twitter when she first tweeted about needing them on Thursday, but that doesn’t matter. She got the bananas she was looking for, and it only took her a little over an hour and a half to do it.

For those who offered up their brown bananas but missed out on the opportunity to snag a pair of her husband’s underwear, don’t sweat it. Teigen promises she will 'send the runner ups some banana bread once done.'

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