Chrissy Teigen answered all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask a celebrity

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  • She's the actual best.

    As we’ve mentioned before, we’re a weeny bit obsessed with Chrissy Teigen. Whether it’s smacking down trolls on Twitter or spilling some serious wisdom about being a mother, we can’t get enough of her. Oh, and her marriage to John Legend is the stuff of dreams. So we didn’t think she could make us love her any more, until she took to Twitter to do some super honest question answering.

    Most celebs go into interviews having already checked out the questions and refusing to be asked about their personal life, their diet or pretty much anything other than the movie/book/fragrance that they’re promoting. So Chrissy’s awesome answers were a breath of fresh air, and she definitely didn’t hold back.

    First of all, they wanted to know about Chrissy’s relationship with the paps. Apparently, whilst they can be annoying, they do actually also have their uses.

    And who opens the door in the Teigen-Ledgend household? Depends if Teigen feels like getting a whole lot of attention, but usually her mum gets delegated the role of doorman.

    She also weighed in on her daughter growing up with famous parents and how she reckoned it would affect her as a person.

    She wasn’t pulling any punches on celebrity drama, either!

    One fan wanted to know what happens to all the free stuff that celebs are given at events. Sounds like being besties with Chrissy means hella freebies…

    She also spilled the beans on her relationship with their driver, Jerry, who’s apparently super discrete and gets the joy of hearing Chrissy let off steam after an event. The things Jerry must have heard…

    And lastly, weighing in on the really big questions. Can you think of any other famous person who would have answered this? We can’t.

    We love you Chrissy.

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