Cheryl Cole's £250,000-a-year look

She spends £4,000 on hair extension, £9,000 on her teeth: Find out EXACTLY how Cheryl looks so good

Cheryl Cole, Celebrity Photos, Fashion news
Cheryl Cole, Celebrity Photos, Fashion news
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She spends £4,000 on hair extension, £9,000 on her teeth: Find out EXACTLY how Cheryl looks so good

She’s one of the biggest style icons in Britain today – and Cheryl Cole has certainly worked hard to give herself the X Factor, spending thousands on her look.

It has been reported that Cheryl spends in the region of £250,000 to keep herself looking so picture-perfect.

So what exactly does the money go on?

Let us fill you in!

Teeth: Cheryl has the perfect ‘Hollywood smile’ with poker-straight and gleaming white nashers. Some experts have suggested she probably had between six and eight veneers before her wedding in 2006.

Her spokesman says her flawless smile is the result of wearing an invisible brace a few years ago.

Cheryl reportedly spends £8,000 a year on teeth plus up to a further £1,500 on whitening treatments.

Blow-drys and make-up: Lisa Laudat is Cheryl’s trusted make-up artist who she used on her Girls Aloud tours and brought on board for The X Factor.

She is thought to be paid about £40,000 for doing Cheryl’s hair and make-up, which is paid to her by Talkback, the show’s production company.

Stylists: Cheryl does a lot of work with stylists Victoria Adcock and Frank Strachan, who are old friends of hers.

Adcock, who has also worked with Victoria Beckham, persuaded Cheryl to wear shift dresses, high-waisted trousers and smart blouses.

Strachan provided her with her all-out glamorous looks, for the Girls Aloud tours and the red carpet.

Both stylists are said to cost about £45,000 a year.

Her spokesman said: ‘She dresses herself for The X Factor auditions, but when the show goes live a stylist comes on board. She does not use a stylist day-to-day.'

Hair Extensions: Julien Guyonnet is the man responsible for Cheryl’s famous, lusted-after bouffant locks.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘Cheryl has wavy extensions to give her volume. She comes in once every three months for the extensions, and every six weeks for a tidy-up.'

The 'volumising' extensions take about four hours to attach. They cost from £375, but Cheryl's are thought to cost £750 because of her stylist's experience.

In total, they cost the popster £4000 a year.

Exercise: Cheryl famously bought herself a £36,000 Hypoxi therapy bike earlier this year to get trim for The X Factor, and also revealed she hired a personal trainer with the other Girls Aloud members earlier this year.

She said: ‘As a group, we hired a personal trainer and went for it. I just wanted to be toned. So I'd go on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then do an hour of resistance work with weights. I still have a lot of work to do on my legs.'

Cheryl’s spokesman said she actually no longer uses the bike – or the £14,000-a-year trainer.

Diet: Cheryl denies reports she uses a nutritionist and says she doesn’t diet, but avoids carbohydrates like bread and pasta.

She follows a mainly vegetarian diet, enjoying low-fat Japanese food, like Miso soup and edamame beans.

The pint-sized star says: 'If I start the day eating protein, I'll try not to eat carbohydrates, but I believe you should pig out once a week. I usually pig out on a Sunday because that's my hangover day.

'I was nine stone when I joined [Girls Aloud] and I'm eight stone now.'

Phew! It might take a lot of work to look that good - but look good she certainly does!



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