This is how many times Charles and Diana met before getting married

We're talking less than 20

Charles and Diana

We're talking less than 20

New information about Charles and Diana's relationship before they married has emerged.

According to a member of the crew of CBS' upcoming documentary about Princess Diana, the pair only met a few times before their wedding. But despite this, the prince reportedly thought he could 'learn to love' Diana over time.

'Charles and Diana had only been together – literally, as in really met – twelve times before they got married' the programme's executive producer Susan Zirinsky revealed in an interview.

However, she added that the royal couple clicked nonetheless: '[Diana's friend] Lana Marks tells us that towards the end, Diana told her "I really have only loved one man and that's Charles."'

The documentary is part of the commemorations to mark the 20th anniversary of her death this year, which include a statue being erected in her memory. It will also focus on the hard work Princes William and Harry have carried out to keep their mother's legacy alive.

'I felt that Diana came to realise that her work was empowering to her, and that she saw there could be a purpose to her life' says Zirinsky. 'She may not have had the crown, but I think she showed the world that power doesn't come from a crown – it comes from your heart.'

Diana was tragically killed in a car accident in Paris on the 31st August 1997. At the time, her sons were 15 and 11 years old respectively.

As yet, there's no news as to when Princess Diana: Her Life, Her Death, The Truth will air in the UK, but fingers crossed it'll be available to us soon.

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