Carla Bruni on Later... with Jools Holland

Carla Bruni meets Metallica on Later... with Jools Holland

Marie Claire Celebrity News:
Marie Claire Celebrity News:

Carla Bruni meets Metallica on Later... with Jools Holland

Carla Bruni showed how easily she can switch from prim-and-proper first lady of France to super-cool songstress as she took to the stage on music master Jools Holland's famous late-night show.

Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy even hung out with veteran rock group Metallica on Later... with Jools Holland - a music mainstay, which has become a cult classic for music lovers and musicians from all kinds of genres.

The very best performers in the industry have graced its stages and, last night Carla showcased her own soft, folksy guitar-led music in the hallowed studios.

But what does her husband, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, make of it all? The former supermodel said he was 'very kind' about her songs, and that her practising did not 'drive him mad'. But she did admit that she sometimes disturbed his slumber with her dolcit tones, saying: 'I play it at home and I disturb him with it in the middle of the night. It's just a very different world for him.'

On balancing her personal passions and her duties as a first lady, she said: 'I have my husband's world. It's like I just try to be with him and be cool about it and not change everything I know and my way of living. It's not so hard.

'It's just like playing in a film. I don't really mix them up - I separate them. I play my music and then I go with my husband when he needs me.'

Carla showed she can easily ditch the formal stuffiness, by chatting away to rock group Metallica and posing for pics with them around Jools' grand piano.

And it's no surprise the stunning brunette feels so at ease with music maestros - she once dated some of the biggest singing stars in the world, including Eric Claption and Mick Jagger.


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