Brave Beyoncé Leaps 1000ft Off New Zealand Tower During Tour Break

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  • Is there NOTHING this singer can't do? See the moment Beyoncé leapt off Auckland's Sky Tower

    Beyoncé can add another talent to her endless list of qualities. The superstar singer spent the weekend enjoying a series of daredevil activities, which included a jump from Auckland’s 1000ft Sky Tower in New Zealand.

    Dressed in a padded jumpsuit with all her harnesses in place, Beyoncé smiled and giggled her way through the leap, without displaying a single sign of fear. What’s more, she didn’t have a hair out of place. Going back to her signature curly mop of locks, the singer looked stunning, and teamed bright red lipstick with her outfit, plus heeled wedge trainers.

    She posted a series of pictures to her Instagram and Tumblr pages, posing above the incredible skyline. Seriously, is there nothing this star doesn’t excel at?

    Beyoncé performed two jumps from the 1067ft tower, because she enjoyed it so much the first time.

    A source told the Herald On Sunday newspaper: ‘She got changed into the bungee clothes out the back somewhere and was taken straight up in a service elevator. It was difficult to see her when she came down because she had so many bodyguards with her.

    ‘It was all over very quickly and bosses kept it quiet from everyone because they didn’t want word getting out and risk huge crowds turning up to watch.’

    Amazing. And she even managed to make the jumpsuit look stylish. Sigh.

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