Adele Exercising Is All Of Us This Month

Her pain = Our pain

(Image credit: PA)

Her pain = Our pain

New year, new you, blah blah blah we know the drill. We’ve bought the over-priced gym pass and strapped on our new trainers (albeit, reluctantly), but how hard is it to actually get back into the swing of things after Christmas? Near impossible, in fact. One person who shares our pain is Adele.

The best-selling singer publicly revealed her January gym struggle on Instagram over night, wearing a face of sheer anguish during her work-out session that seemed to say both: ‘Sod this I want a bacon sandwich’ and ’Aargh!’, as she tugged on some gym cables. We can confirm we have also pulled this recently. (The face, not the gym cables).

Dressed in leggings and a top with her hair scraped back (and managing to still look stunning) Adele captioned the photo ‘getting ready’ - thought to be in reference to her upcoming 10-month world tour of Europe and North America that kicks off in March in London’s O2 area.

The famously candid singer has previously slammed exercise as ‘fucking boring’ and usually we’d have to agree. But we're thinking hats off to her for getting physically super-fit (as well as vocally we’d imagine) so she can perform to the best of her ability later this year. Something tells us these concerts are going to be her best yet…

And in case you’re wondering what exercise was making Adele cry, our (very) limited knowledge of the gym informs us that she might have been performing a ‘Rear Delt Row’ which is actually as scary as it sounds and is used to tone the triceps and shoulders.

Adele's exercising photo is deffo one of the most relatable celebrity exercise snaps we've seen. And doesn't it just make a nice change from all the perfectly-posed pics on Instagram this month of all the famous people chilling on yachts in St Barts? 

Adele - thanks for keeping it real yet again. Maybe we'll purchase some cables.

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