Adele, JLaw, and Cameron Diaz Make Powerful Statement at Women’s March

Women from all walks of life took to the streets over the weekend to participate in Women's March Anniversary events around the country, peacefully demonstrating to advocate for women's and human rights. You might have seen a few familiar faces among the crowds, as marches in N.Y.C. and L.A. drew dozens of celebrities—including these three powerhouses.

At the Women's March in L.A., Adele met up with her pals Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz, and the three talented women posed for an epic selfie together. They're all wearing dark sunglasses and carrying signs as they pose for the image, which Adele later shared on Instagram.

In the caption, the 29-year-old singer wrote a powerful message about the women in her life: "The most influential people in my life have always been women. My family, my friends, my teachers, my colleagues, and my idols."

"I am so grateful to be a woman, I wouldn't change it for the world," Adele continued. "I hope I'm not only defined by my gender though. I hope I'm defined by my input to the world, my ability to love and to have empathy."

Hats off to these three for getting involved and spreading such a positive message! They're undeniably great role models for future generations.