The Nation’s Favourite Advert Is Revealed But We’re Not So Sure

The people of Britain have spoken but do you agree with their favourite advert?

The people of Britain have spoken. The nation’s favourite TV advert is…Cadbury’s Drumming Gorilla.

Such is the power of this commercial, Phil Collins’ track ‘In The Air Tonight’ actually re-entered the UK singles charts when it was released in 2007 – 16 years after it was first recorded.

The Cadbury gorilla was followed closely by everyone’s favourite meerkats and, which has wheedled it’s way so deep into the hearts and minds of the British public that they’ve even got their own stuffed animals.

The top ten list, as collated by market research company TNS, also included some 70s classics like the R White’s ‘Secret Lemonade Drinker’ jingle and Smash’s Martians.

However, there was a distinct lack of some of our all-time fave ads. Where are the cats with thumbs? The chimps drinking tea? The dancing ponies?

We did a quick office poll and decided that these bad boys definitely deserved a mention…

#CatsWithThumbs, Cravendale
Chocolate Digestives, McVities

The Guy From The Bar, Esat Digifone

Bad Boiler, Energy Efficiency
Meow Mix, Purina
What’s your fave ad of all time?

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