Brunettes more successful than blondes

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  • Brunettes reportedly have more success in love and at work - do you agree?

    Brunettes are more successful in the boardroom and the bedroom, according to a new study.

    Brown-haired women are twice as likely to earn a salary of £45,000 to £55,000 compared to their blonde and red-headed colleagues, so says a survey of 6,000 people conducted by Garnier.

    Also, 76% of people believe that brunettes are the brainiest of all women, and 71% of men would choose a dark-haired woman to settle down with.

    And whilst it’s blonde bombshells that traditionally come across as feisty, it’s brunettes that are the most confident in the bedroom.

    Colour psychologist Anjula Mutanda explains that brown hair is often linked to maturity and self-confidence.

    ‘Some hair colours tend to darken naturally with age and so brown hair can be associated with confidence and self-awareness,’ she said.

    ‘These positive qualities instill a sense of trust and assurance which is mirrored in how others behave towards them.

    ‘Therefore many women who become brunettes often report a difference in reaction to them – for the better.’

    So that’s why Scarlett Johansson morphed into a brunette for her recent wedding to Ryan Reynolds – smart thinking!


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