Rise in British newlyweds fusing their surnames together

New trend sees couples 'meshing' their surnames to create a new name

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New trend sees couples 'meshing' their surnames to create a new name

Hundreds of British newlyweds are hot on the heels of America’s latest trend - ‘meshing,’ which refers to the practice of fusing surnames.

Eight hundred British couples have already 'meshed' their surnames this year, resulting in amalgamations that see names like Mr Pugh and Miss Griffin become Mr and Mrs. Puffin.

'Meshing has changed from once being a rare novelty to now being noted as being one of the main reasons couples may use a Deed Poll to change their names,' says Claudia Duncan, an officer at UK Deed Poll Service.

'Four years ago there were only a handful of couples choosing to mesh, so the growth is huge.

'Primarily meshing seems to be adopted by younger couples in their twenties or early thirties,' she says, suggesting that its appeal may be partially due to the fact that it allows couples the freedom of reinvention, and is often considered more romantic than simply double-barrelling.

'Gone are the times when women feel obliged to take their husband’s name, with many women establishing a name for themselves professionally prior to marriage,' explains Miss Duncan, of the steadily growing trend.

What do you think about the new trend? Have you and your partner done this? Let us know in the comments below.


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