Brazilian student sells virginity for $780,000

Virginity auction for charity has announced a winner

Virgins Wanted
(Image credit: Virgins Wanted)

Virginity auction for charity has announced a winner

Catarina Migliorini, 20, has reached the end of her controversial charity fundraiser in which she agreed to sell her body, as part of documentary ‘Virgins Wanted’.

The student announced her decision to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder at the end of last month, and received 15 bids. The final winner, a Japanese man identified only as Natsu, has agreed to pay $780,000 (£483,000) for the ‘prize’.

The venture takes part as Catarina is filmed for a documentary called ‘Virgins Wanted’. Catarina was one of two virgins ‘auctioned off’ – the other, Alexander Stepanov, 21, raising a total of $3,000.

Denying accusations that the act is prostitution, Catarina said: ‘If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer.’

‘I saw this as a business. I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it.’

Catarina has stated that the money raised is going to be used to construct modern homes for poverty-stricken families in her home state of Santa Catarina.

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