Must Read: Bradley Cooper muses on dating his BFF... juicy!

Bradley Cooper's first journalism endeavour is hilarious...

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Bradley Cooper's first journalism endeavour is hilarious...

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Bradley Cooper is a man of many talents. Not only is he a celebrated actor who has won over the hearts of millions with his scruffy good looks and charm, but it also seems that he has a way with words.

When Cooper was a senior in high school, he interned at the Philadelphia Daily News, where he wrote about his relationships. Thanks to Philly Inquirer writer Tommy Rowan the actor's first-ever published piece was unearthed, and it's honestly a gem.

In the piece, titled “When best friends cross the line," from May 1993, an 18-year-old Cooper opens up about his friendship-turned-romantic relationship with BFF Deborah Landes.

"Can best friends who are of the opposite sex hook up with each other without destroying their friendship? In my case, yes . . . so far,” Cooper begins the short article.

He then goes on to outline their connection. “There has always been an underlying attraction between the two of us; however, it was never confronted until this year,” Cooper writes. “Before, we could never fathom the idea of being more than just friends, especially because she was involved in a relationship with a friend of mine. After they broke up, things began to change.”

How do things end up? Well, they do manage to successfully go from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend — that is until they part ways for university and the inevitable trip to the shore for the summer. He leaves it a bit open-ended, but we can only hope that they're still BFFs today.

Read his full article below.