10 jaw-dropping bonkers foods you won’t believe actually exist IRL

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  • AKA the Willy Wonka-inspired edit of food

    If you thought the maddest bites you could find were rainbow foods, 2016 has proved that the more bonkers an edible concept is, the better.

    From the Instagram-worthy mash-ups of your favourite eats, to wildly calorific desserts made from every baked good, foodies from around the world are testing the limits of our culinary imagination. As if making our weird food dreams a reality, cooks from the US to Japan have made the craziest foods that both look and taste delicious.

    Love sushi, but want a burrito? A sushirrito can be arranged. Need an Oreo, but also want the soft squishiness of a bagel? The Oreo bagel is now the only thing we can think of. Even your delicious dream of having your milkshake and eating it too has come true, with a mahoosive milkshake accompanied by more donuts than you can imagine.

    Intrigued? Then check out our round-up of the most totally insane foods that really exist…

    How many would you dare to try?

    Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream

    Source: Instagram.com/KhushandOJ

    Or better known as the blackest ice cream you will ever see. Courtesy of Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in NYC, this jet-black ice cream isn’t a dark chocolate (as you’d expect), but coconut ash – the charred and processed remains of a coconut shell. Gotta love NYC…

    The 2,213-Calorie Milkshake

    Source: Facebook.com/EISCafeBirmingham

    Created in the EIS Cafe in Birmingham, ‘The Legend’ milkshake is the brainchild of Rafik Bousouab and consists of a chocolate milkshake ‘base’, two Krispy Kreme donuts, nutella, chocolate chip cookies, waffles and whipped cream – talk about a mouthful. And for only £8.50, you could get enough calories to last you, err, a while. Gym, anyone?

    Oreo Bagels

    Source: Instagram.com/hannahouimet

    A little-known secret in New Jersey, USA, the Oreo Bagel has become a bit of a hit for bakery The Bagel Nook on Instagram, with the combination of everyone’s favourite cookie, the soft carbs of a well-made bagel and a home-made Oreo cream cheese making the food the tastiest looking bagel on our feeds.

    Cereal Doughnut

    Source: Instagram.com/hannahouimet

    Broad Street Dough Co. is another Instagram-fave in the US and specialises in making the donut that much more appealing, by combining them with your favourite cereal. This one was dipped in vanilla glaze, fruity pebbles and topped with vanilla mousse.

    Sushi Cakes

    Source: Hko.co.jp

    The latest foodie trend to take over social media, the sushi cake is basically a gigantic version of sushi, only this time layered as a cake.

    Ramen Burger

    Source: Instagram.com/ramenburger

    Sure, it looks like the strangest thing, but judging by creator Keizo Shimamoto nearly 9,000 Instagram followers, the ramen burger must taste *really* good. Built like your average burger, the ramen burger replaces the boring ‘ol bun with fried ramen noodles. The burger’s only flaw? Apparently, you have to wait hours in line just to get one.

    Cadbury Creme Scotch Egg

    Source: Instagram.com/andybood82

    Remember that Cadbury Creme egg cafe? Well, this Instagrammer went one step further to make the Cadbury Creme egg even more of a mainstay in your diet, by cooking one in a scotch egg. Yum?

    Sushi Burrito

    Source: Instagram.com/biancadalessio

    Move over sushi cake, because the sushi burrito is here to take your place in bonkers sushi food fads. A NYC fave, Pokeworks has been making sushi burritos the latest must-have eat, and food lovers can’t get enough of the food mash-up. Want to make your own? Just take a seaweed roll and pack it in with your favourite sushi fillings.

    Miniature Food
    The Antonio

    Source: Instagram.com/broadst_doughco

    Can’t get enough of your donuts? Meet ‘The Antonio’, 7 neopolitan donuts layered with cannoli cream in the middle, topped with a heavy chocolate glaze, and drizzled in powdered sugar.

    And we’re not even making this stuff up.

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