Your chance to be mentored by scientist Julie McManus

You could be mentored by L’Oreal scientist and cosmetic specialist Julie McManus

Julie McManus - Inspire & Mentor with Marie Claire - Marie Claire
Julie McManus - Inspire & Mentor with Marie Claire - Marie Claire

You could be mentored by L’Oreal scientist and cosmetic specialist Julie McManus

Seventeen of the most influential women in Britain have joined forces with Marie Claire to become part of Inspire & Mentor with Marie Claire, our brand new campaign.

The campaign aims to help women scale new heights in industry, and from fashion to film, science to media, we have experts on them all.

By pairing short listed applicants with the mentors we believe will help them the most, we hope to help women fulfil their potential, get that dream job, or launch that business they've always hoped for.


Scientist and head of scientific and technical-regulatory affairs at L'Oreal, Julie McManus is just one of the inspirational women you could be mentored by as part of the new campaign.

Julie had originally decided to study medicine, but after missing out by just one grade, she realised it was really biochemistry she wanted to pursue.

Starting out in cosmetics at Proctor & Gamble, Julie went on to join L'Oreal, where she now looks after everything, from hair and skincare, to aerosols and make-up.

‘I really like the application of science and the fact you can see results quickly,' Julie told us.

‘I found the whole area of cosmetics really fascinating, but I also love understanding what motivates people.'

And although it may not sound exciting, the job certainly has a glamorous side.

‘I started working for L'Oreal in Paris; I had flat with a view of the Eiffel Tower and I was learning to speak French. Honestly, I thought I was in paradise!' Julie reveals.

But it's the groundbreaking scientific work which she finds really inspiring.

We do a lot of advanced research, where amazing scientists work on groundbreaking studies that are published in scientific journals,' she explains.

‘I love that, as it proves I didn't just walk away from science. I may not be working on cures for whooping cough, but I'm working in some very important areas, such as sun protection.'

‘I'm always looking for the person who's ‘glowing' about science.'

But Julie does worry about the lack of role models for those who want to go into science.

‘Probably the main reason I left my previous job was because there was no one inspirational there, no one I aspired to be,' she explains.

But she wouldn't swap her career for anything. 

'I love understanding things. I love understanding genetics and why diseases occur; the basis for the what, why and when. That really motivates me,' Julie reveals.

‘It's no surprise I've ended up in this field!'

And what advice would she offer others? ‘It is really important to love the subject you're working on and to learn something new every day.'

If you would like to be mentored by Julie, click HERE to apply.