Want To Banish Dark Eye Circles For Good? We Know The Trick

The battle against the bags is almost over...

Balance Me
Balance Me

The battle against the bags is almost over...

The battle against the bags is a never ending fight that has yet to be won.

Whatever products you throw at those stubborn dark circles and puffy bags it seems they just won’t budge.

Ultimately, the answer is to layer on the concealer in attempt to look like you’ve had eight hours sleep.

But it's time to forget the bad beauty experiences you’ve had and the countless pounds and hours you’ve spent in the past, there is an eye cream out there for you and you’re about to meet it.

Introducing Powder, the beauty website that’s got us hooked. It’s a site designed to match you with skincare products (with make-up coming very soon) that work for your skin-type and concerns.

All you have to do is fill in a few questions about your beauty self and within a few moments you’ll be matched with products that actually work for you.

So you no longer need to waste time and money finding eye creams that aren’t worth their price tag.

Read on to find out about the eye creams we discovered when we put Powder to test, we certainly weren’t disappointed…

Balance Me – Wonder Eye Cream (£20)

This triple action eye-cream from Balance Me is an all-round winner that lifts, brightens and reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark shadows and puffiness.

And all for just £20.

Aromatherapy Associates – Rich Repair Eye Cream (£30)

For those of you suffering from extremely dry and parched eyes – this is the product for you.

The combination of nourishing pure plant extracts and essentials oils help to plump the eye cream and provide intense moisture, goodbye dry eyes.

Benefit – Puff Off! (£22.50)

This eye gel from Benefit provides an instant cooling hit to smooth the look of under eye puffiness and fine lines.

A skincare must-have for those who want to tackle early signs of ageing and puffy eyes in an instant.

We put Powder through its paces and we’ve got to say that we’re impressed. Not only were we matached quickly but we discovered the kind of eye-creams that beauty dreams are made of.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free now and find the eye-cream that was made for you and your peepers.

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