Road To Beauty: Portraits Of Real Brazilian Women

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  • Throughout their Brazilian adventure, the L'équipée girls crossed paths with many remarkable women.

    Throughout their Brazilian adventure, the L’équipée girls crossed paths with many remarkable women. These women all radiated beauty through their spirit, bravery and independence. Each of them is unique, fulfilled by her personal achievements and successful in her own way, whether it be in the field of fashion, beauty, cooking or travel.

    What the L’équipée girls discovered is that although these women all have beauty in common, it means something different to each of them and they all had their own routines – from women who live in the Amazon to those who work on the plantations. For some, beauty means simply always smiling; for others it is the very essence and character of a person, or just feeling well in your body and soul.

    One of the highlights of the trip for the girls was when they met the Amazonian Indians – they were amazed by how the simple act of bathing was such a major (and enjoyable) part of their beauty regime. More of a fun activity than a necessity, the women and their families all washed together in the Amazon and took great pride in looking after their hair. The girls also got to see how the women used natural products from the rainforest to make body paints – ranging from red (to act as a sun shield) to black (with antibacterial properties).

    When the L’équipée girls met the women on the plantations, they were surprised to discover that even though these women worked hard every day in fields, tending to fruit and vegetables, manicures were a big part of their regimes. Using steel wool to give their nails a nice sheen and to prevent yellowing, these women don’t let a bit of dirt get in the way of beauty.

    Having met such a diverse range of women, the L‘équipée girls discovered that beauty can come in many guises and that it is a part of every woman, wherever you live in the world. Ludovic Ismael captured the true character of these special women.


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