New perfume created to ‘smell like money’

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  • The brand new scent ‘Money’ is designed to smell just like a bank note, meaning that we can all become stinking rich for only £20. The smell of success has never been sweeter...

    A new fragrance by perfumer Patrick McCarthy, entitled simply ‘Money’, has been created to smell just like the real thing.


    Even the packaging has been pimped up, with the bottle lounging in a bed of real shredded dollar bills.
    Money was inspired by a Japanese study that found the smell of the green stuff made us work more efficiently.

    Tests on workers in factories showed that they worked harder when the smell of money was pumped through the air vents.
    Designed for wearing in the workplace, the fragrance makers hopes to achieve some seriously profitable results.
    ‘Her Money’ tries to reproduce ‘the clean scent of freshly minted bills’, according to manufacturers Liquid Money, who’ve described the scent as subtle but layered with the aromas of tropical fruits.
    ‘His Money’ imitates the ‘woodier’ bank note, combining wafts of rosemary and precious woods with ocean breezes and bright citrus.
    The makers promise that the fragrance will, ‘create your own personal scent of success.’
    Currently available in the US only ( $35 for 50 ml), we’re hoping that the scent will soon be available in the UK so that we can all spray ourselves successful.

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