Mood-Boosting DIY Beauty Treatments

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  • Give yourself a little boost with these five beauty treatments you can do yourself at home. Penny-saving quick fixes that really do work!

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    1. Give your hair a boost
    It can happen to any of us – that single grey hair popping up out of nowhere, turning a good day into a bad one in an instant. Instead of telling yourself any #littlewhitelies that no one else can see it, nip it in the bud with our best-kept hair secret – L’Orèal Paris Casting Crème Gloss. This semi-permanent gloss gives hair an instant boost and brilliant results with no ammonia. No more pesky greys – just beautiful, glossy hair. Best of all, with over 35 new shades you’ll be spoilt for choice. Easy to apply, it lasts up to 28 shampoos and is suitable for all hair – natural, coloured or highlighted. The best thing? The shine. Go on, try it for yourself and give your hair the boost it deserves.

    2. Wake up to brighter skin
    The benefits of a good moisturiser are well known, but have you tried incorporating a face oil into your beauty regime? If, like us, you lust after gorgeous, glowing skin then it’s time to jump on the face oil bandwagon. Our current obsession is L’Orèal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil, packed with eight skin-perfecting essential oils including rose, lavender and chamomile, it’s our go-to product for perkier, radiant-looking skin. Simply blend three drops in the palm of your hand before applying to freshly cleansed skin by massaging in slow upward movements using your ring and middle finger. Best done at night when your skin is most active, it’s also a relaxing pre-bedtime treat. What are you waiting for? Pencil out ten minutes of your week and wake up with a beautiful, glowing skin everyday.

    3. Make a success of self-tanning
    Probably one of the trickiest beauty tasks and the one you can get most wrong, self-tanning can be a minefield. For us, L’Orèal Paris’s Sublime Self-Tan Gel is a make-up bag must-have. Perfect for on-the go beauty, it’s quick-drying and enriched with vitamin E. Plus, it’s virtually fool-proof! It’s not sticky and the gel formula gives an even, natural looking glow. Even the most porcelain-like skin tones can bring warmth and colour to their skin with this moisturising wonder gel. Wrists, ankles, elbows and knees are prime areas prone to colour grabbing and will easily turn too dark so you should always apply less tan to these areas. Always exfoliate and moisturise before applying the self-tan for best results. Ready, steady, glow!

    4. Experiment with bright nail colours
    We’re huge fans of SS15’s chic nude nail but nothing beats a bright, bold manicure to lift our mood, especially as it’s still summer. Want a confidence boost in the office? Go for a strong bold red on short, square nails. If you’re feeling flirty at the weekend go for a hot pink or rock a bright yellow to give your off-duty outfit an edge. There’s nothing quite like a fresh manicure to boost your confidence and prettify your nails for a busy week ahead. So skip the salon and buff, shape and paint your nails in the comfort of your own home. With glossy nails in tact you’ll be ready to take on whatever work throws your way!

    5. Drink yourself beautiful
    Why not start your day with an energising apple and ginger shot? Hailed the natural espresso, blitz 1 ½ apples and 2cm chunk of ginger for a sharp wake-up call that will kickstart your energy reserves and prepare you for a busy day at the office. For a delicious beauty blast, mix 2 handfuls of swiss chard, ½ cup of pineapple, ½ cup of strawberries, 1 tablespoon of goji berries, 12 cashews and blitz with spring water in a blender. Make them regular treats and you’ll soon feel the benefits!

    Give your hair the ultimate boost with L’Orèal Paris Casting Crème Gloss.

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